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Bury This

A few words about the writing of BURY THIS:

This is what I always get about BURY THIS: 

“It’s dark.”

And, let’s face it, it is. I wrote a dark book. I’m not sure if anything I ever write again will be quite such a kick in the teeth.

Funny that this is the book I wrote when I was pregnant with my one and only son, my sun, moon and stars, Wyatt. Strange, also, because Wyatt is such a ray of light. Perhaps I channeled all of my darkness out of my body and through my veins so that my little one, my precious baby boy, would be free of it. A sort of unconscious cleansing of the soul. A baptism.

I actually read BURY THIS a few years after it was published and thought, “Jesus. This is dark.”

It must be this. The book is inspired by a true story and the true story is a real blunt force trauma. I’m sure I felt, on a certain level, that the only way to do justice to the real victim and her family was not to sugar coat it. I did not want to sell them out. I wanted justice for them. Light for them.

I became obsessed with this story, upon hearing about it, and couldn’t unclasp my fist. I had planned on writing something different entirely for my second novel but this thing just came and grabbed me and would not take it’s teeth out. No way. No how.

All of my books mean something to me, obviously. But BURY THIS has a special place in my heart, in the shadow place filled with knives and daggers.

When someone comes up to me and tells me they read BURY THIS and it floored them, I immediately feel like they are a kindred spirit. Because it’s tough medicine. It’s not for the faint of heart. And if you are willing to take this death-fang ride with me, well, you’re alright with me. You earned it.

It’s funny, too, when the book cover was first sent to me, I thought… that’s too scary. I don’t want that. Can’t we go with one of these more dignified, literary-seeming designs? Can’t we go with something a little nicer? And my editor laughed. Nicer? Are you kidding me? Have you read your book?

So, no, it’s not nicer. It’s not even nice.

But I have tried to find truth here. I have tried to shed light. I have tried to do justice.

-Andrea Portes